About Me

Stush – (adj) A Jamaican slang used to describe a good-looking, classy or stylish female. Without seeming to put in ‘too much effort’ but not totally effortless at the same time.  Superior, overbearing pride – but with good reason.

My Joys… 

My daughter, loud laughter & mixed drinks, QT with  family & friends, holding hands with my hunny,

Vacationing, testing new recipes & restaurants, Snapping photos with my iPhone and writing freely.

EVERYTHING about the summer: from burying my feet in the sand, sipping on a fruity alcoholic beverage,  taking strolls on a warm breezy day, to laying out in the sun on a boat in the middle of ocean.

Food is one of my biggest passions. It started as a little girl baking sugar cookies and strawberry shortcakes with my mom. The love that went into preparing those dishes has always stuck with me and here I am sharing my experiences with you :-)

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